Fileset Entity Reference


  • manifest (array of objects): each entry represents a file

    • path (string, required): relative path to file (including filename)
    • size (integer, required): in bytes
    • md5 (string): MD5 hash in lower-case hex
    • sha1 (string): SHA-1 hash in lower-case hex
    • sha256 (string): SHA-256 hash in lower-case hex
    • mimetype (string): Content type in MIME type schema
    • extra (object): any extra metadata about this specific file. all are optional
      • original_url: live web canonical URL to download this file
      • webarchive_url: web archive capture of this file
  • urls: An array of "typed" URLs. Order is not meaningful, and may not be preserved. These are URLs for the entire fileset, not individual files.

    • url (string, required): Eg: "".
    • rel (string, required): Eg: "archive-base", "webarchive".
  • release_ids (array of string identifiers): references to release entities

  • content_scope (string): for situations where the fileset does not simply contain the full representation of a work (eg, all files in dataset, for a dataset release), describes what that scope of coverage is. Uses same vocabulary as File entity.

  • extra (object with string keys): additional metadata about this group of files, including upstream platform-specific metadata and identifiers

    • platform_id: platform-specific identifier for this fileset

URL rel types

Any ending in "-base" implies that a file path (from the manifest) can be appended to the "base" URL to get a file download URL. Any "bundle" implies a direct link to an archive or "bundle" (like .zip or .tar) which contains all the files in this fileset

  • repository or platform or web: URL of a live-web landing page or other location where content can be found. May or may not be machine-reachable.
  • webarchive: web archive version of repository landing page
  • repository-bundle: direct URL to a live-web "archive" file, such as .zip, which contains all of the individual files in this fileset
  • webarchive-bundle: web archive version of repository-bundle
  • archive-bundle: file archive version of repository-bundle
  • repository-base: live-web base URL/directory from which file path can be appended to fetch individual files
  • archive-base: base URL/directory from which file path can be appended to fetch individual files